Problem Diesel Fuel Injectors diminish engine performance and economy.

diesel injector service

Save yourself from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Have your problem injector tested by the trusted pros at H&H Diesel. Whether it’s a traditional Mechanical Injector, an Electronic Injector, or the latest High Pressure Common Rail, we have the newest factory equipment and expert mechanics to troubleshoot your injector performance.

We can resolve your injector service problems in a variety of ways:

  • Drive-in engine troubleshooting and repair services
  • New replacement Diesel Fuel Injectors
  • Stock re-manufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors
  • Custom testing and repair/rebuild services for your Diesel Fuel Injectors
fuel injector pump testing

Knowledgeable Technicians

H and H Diesel technicians have the latest factory training and certifications needed for precise testing and measurement of your Diesel Engine performance. Complimented by modern technology, we can get your job done the way you want and when you want it.

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